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Interview with Director Monique Holt to Air Worldwide on NHK World!

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

MoMo’s Reflection:

I was interviewed by Miwa McCormick, a producer & director of programs for NHK and NHK World. NHK is Japan’s public broadcasting network (similar to PBS), and NHK World is its English-based subsidiary channel that airs globally (equivalent to BBC World).

Miwa saw me in Ping Chong + Company’s Undesirable Elements Series: “Inside/Out…Voices from Disability Community” at Lincoln Center in NYC last summer. Miwa was blown away by our inspiring stories.

I was the only Asian Deaf performer in the show. She decided to approach me for an interview on that day. I saw a Japanese woman of similar age. She explained she has a disability. She didn’t know about this show until someone told her about it. She was happy to catch it because it was one day show.

Probably the last one. Because Ping Chong retired on the day of our show. Luckily the show was already filmed for documentation purposes.

Miwa didn’t realize my schedule was crazily challenging, yet she was determined to do this interview. She learned that she needed an interpreter to make this work. This didn’t stop her.

At first, I didn’t understand her interview request - I thought she meant one day, a few hours of my time for the interview. She tried to attend all of my rehearsals and workshops in New York City, Calgary (Canada), and Washington, DC. With COVID restrictions, she only managed to attend two. She reached out to all of the producers and collected the video links. I admire her tenacity.

The last of the journey ended with an interview at my place, and her disability became more prominent. I realized that every one of us doesn’t reveal our disability when we are at our best. When we knew our job was almost done or completed, we could relax and be ourselves.

So I emailed her and told her of my admiration for her and the work she does.

Here’s my message for you:

You can design your life so you can love working and living your life the way you want. This means you must create a community (network) that believes in you and will raise you to do your best.

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